09 Oct

     Think back. WAAAYYYY BACK. When you were little and you exhibited some sort of budding expertise that your Grandma or some other relative noticed. With my first child, it was the attorney destiny. When she was two or three years old, my friends continually remarked about her positive ability to argue (and win). She is not an attorney today, but her ability to advocate for the societal underdog, whom she has loved since childhood, is a powerful force in this verse.


     Consider, if you please, for a few moments, your own "child's heart". Yes, that's right, I am blatantly requesting that you set aside your adult priorities and indulge in a few moments of introspection. How does this FEEL?  What do you do now that is in line with what you felt called to do as a child? Can you now translate this calling into fulfilling a need in the marketplace around you? Entrepreneurs are continually answering the needs of the moment. It's not about praying upon those in need. It's about creatively serving them in a professional way for a fair wage. 

     Have you stopped to consider WHAT you may have to bring to the marketplace? Regardless of your age or level of experience, I urge you to stop NOW and consider your total worth. Actually make a LIST of all your skills, talents, resources, networks, tools....everything that you have in your LIFE bank account at this very moment.


     And NOW, the FUN begins!!! This is where you meet the sculptor within. You have amassed a big hunk of marble (your total life bank account) in front of you. You are Michelangelo. Now you can research your ideal niche based upon your true calling. As you do this, you will chip away the marble (niche it down) to the essence of what you need to offer to whom right now. Otherwise known as being in the right place at the right time, with the right offer. 

     Regarding niche research:

     *Invest about 3 hours (no more than 5) on Magazines.com, Amazon, Google, YouTube and Udemy searching for the exact help or offers that you are thinking of bringing to the marketplace. 

     *What did you find? If there is NO result - steer away - you are ahead of your time. If there is a HUGE result, be prepared for fierce competition in that niche. If there is SOME result - this could be the perfect target for your business arrow. The market is warm but not saturated. 

     * There are many good niches, but a few great niches. Focus on the great and give it everything you have.


(when he reads this, he will recognize his own words)

He was asked, "What would you say is the one trait that has led to your success beyond others?"

He replied, "I ask for help.....and I am so good at spotting talent. 

If I see someone who's really good at something, 

I am the first to say, "You are really good at this. 

You are way better than me. We should hang out and talk more." "

     OK, let's talk about finding peers and mentors. Be bold and be open. The teachers appear when the student is ready. I have always been keen on independent study in a closed environment. It's so easy to "master" traditional art mediums in peaceful solitude. But then I would ask people with little or no expertise for feedback about my work. The critiques were always the same. "It's awesome. You ROCK! WOW, I wish I could paint like that!" That was great for the ego at first but it never helped me to grow. I was left wondering if I actually had talent or not.

     When I was a kid, I had to just hope to meet guides in passing by pure chance. With a mom who is anti-social, that was damned hard. Whatever your chosen field is, seek out others doing it - MASTERS (This is so much easier now with our modern technology). Then actually reach out and say "Hey! I appreciate your skill and would like to learn from you." Of course you will run into those who have mentor programs at a price, but there are also many worthwhile people out there teaching for next to nothing. Make a deal with them and support each other's future success.

     *Here's a tip when working with peers or mentors* - Make a list of what needs to be accomplished next and put it on a timeline. Meet regularly with one of your peers or mentors to help keep you on track. You can do the same for them. In this way you become "Accountability Partners".


     Once you have decided what your perfect marketable niche is....start with a WEBSITE. Believe me, it all hinges on the website, so getting that part right is key. I can help you with this. This is my affiliate link to the web host I now have.

SITE 1-2-3

      I have had several experiences with various hosts and builders. The reason I choose this one is for ease of building and extraordinary on-the-spot chat help. Seriously, these days, why would you EVER use any service that does not have 24/7 expert chat help? My time is valuable. I am sure that your time is equally valuable. So, I offer this link because I value your time. 

     Beyond this, I am available to guide you in choosing a web design service -  or even help design your website myself - then you can move on to the next step. Just fill out the form for an appointment and we can meet in person or via Skype. There is more about web design and what to do next in my FREE Insider's Guide and in the daily email classes. Also, check out my 30 Day Action Plan article here on the website.

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     To Your Inspired Success

     - Betsy Daggett (Creator, Businessperson, Whippersnapper!)

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