05 Oct

     Why would I call myself a "Whippersnapper"? 

     Honestly, one of my Awesome Offspring created this description of me for my new ultimate endeavor - (Creator, Businessperson, Whippersnapper!) -  I am a proud and well seasoned Single Mom of four grown Awesome Offspring. I seek and appreciate their input on just about every aspect of my life. I always said that nobody knows you better than your kids. They know us better than we want anyone to know us. LOL

     The name Whippersnapper really does describe me, especially as a child (I am 53 now). I was raised in an "old school" environment, continually surrounded by people who made it a point to TELL me how to live my life. But with my wise child eyes and heart, I astutely observed that the people telling me what to do never seemed to be very happy. However, any attempt to voice my observations was met with swift punishment.            Despite my constant rebellion in my beliefs and thinking, I still managed to absorb too much of the self defeating programming (which then naturally caused some upheaval in my sense of well being). What is one to do?

     Early on, I reached out to nature, books, art, science and history as a means of widening and strengthening my new ideas about the world and how it functions. I was always willing to experiment and try unconventional, even frightening things. It helped me to grow. Then of course, later on, I began testing these new ideas to see if they rang true in reality. I am always a results oriented person. Ideas and techniques either work or they do not - or they are a stepping stone to more effective ways of being. 

     I am not going into extensive detail about my personal experience in this post because I already have a project on the table of writing a novel about my life adventures (and there are MANY). Ego aside, as I gained confidence and began to speak more openly about my life, people actually told me  that I need to write that novel. I told them that I was waiting for a happy ending because I did not want to depress the readers. 

     Eventually, I was able to manifest the happiness that my "old school" way of brainwashed thinking could never produce. My website, these blogs, my emails, and everything I plan to share with you in the coming weeks and months, will eventually contribute to what gets included in that novel. So, I humbly thank you now for being here on this sweet journey and I look forward to your feedback and getting to know you better.





     I know that there are many "lifestyle gurus" out there encouraging you to hate your job and telling you that "the system" is against you. I disagree. I love my job. A full time job that is fulfilling and compliments your business and personal objectives can be attracted with the right attitude and correct actions. Notice that the gurus telling you otherwise are also trying to sell you their way of developing a business that will free you from your "dead end" job. 

     Yes, I am promoting ,  , however, it is because I believe in what they teach and the way they teach it - with sensitivity and integrity. Integrity is the very best asset in this life that you can possibly cultivate. I learned this from Zig Zigglar (when he was still alive on this beautiful planet) and his words to my heart have been reinforced by many other mentors since then. I also promote Lurn Nation (Lurn.com) for which I receive no compensation whatsoever. They have a great free course about how to use your entrepreneurial talents for the benefit of the company you now work for.  More on this in future emails. Back to being a Whippersnapper....   

     Something that people do not know about me right away is that I am also a Quaker (Religious Society of Friends - General Conference). I ran across something in a Pendle Hill Pamphlet that said "Quakers are born, not made". I would have to say the same about Whippersnappers. I would definitely say that all Quakers are Whippersnappers, but you do NOT need to know anything Quakers to be a Whippersnapper. The point is that Whippersnappers are also BORN, not made. However, the little Whippersnapper seed inside may need more or less nurturing to bring it out and shine. I am endeavoring to help all Whippersnappers find the nurturing they need to shine out their gifts to the rest of us here on this lovely planet we call Earth. 

#1 - IDENTIFY THE SEED - Perhaps you feel a calling to speak up about something that you feel strongly about. You may also see young people around you that you feel called to speak up for and support.  


     What you have to speak up about does not have to be about business at all. Quite frequently, the urge to create a change may be out of a need for social justice or something personal. Then entrepreneurial thinking evolves after realizing that money helps make change happen. Some Whippersnappers become business people and some INSPIRE business people.   

#2 - FERTILIZE - Yep, I know what you are thinking. But honestly, BS (otherwise known as brainstorming) is a great way of fertilizing innovative new ideas. I like to call it popcorn thinking. Let it all pop, then take the best ideas that have a growth potential now and run with them. In order to nurture an environment conducive to percolating great new ideas, I recommend meditation, physical fitness and just getting out there and exploring in every way possible. My ebook "Open Your Genius Portal" is in the process of being revised, and will be available very soon. It's a detailed mini course in ultimate creativity. 

#3 - WATER - You absolutely MUST drench yourself with positive, uplifting sounds, words, ideas, and beauty every single day. Never skip a day. I love the posts I see on FB that say "motivation doesn't last" - like bathing, that's why we recommend it every day. Water is life. What you focus on each moment becomes your next day (and beyond) of life experience. Choose wisely. Life is very much like a river. It's always flowing and changing. What you drink in today becomes the reflection that you experience tomorrow and beyond. It's a ripple effect. 

#4 - LET THE SUN SHINE - My fave old musical "Hair" comes to mind. LOL. But seriously, attitude is altitude. We obviously do not have total control about what enters our life, but we do have a certain amount of control about how we CHOOSE to react. If we find ourselves reacting a little less "sunny" than we should, take five and regroup composure. One of my more recent additions to my recommended reading list on this subject would be The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills. This came to me in the late 90's.          However, these days I have been circulating a sweet photo of a young boy in monk attire with a quote by the Dali Lama, "Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace." It makes the same statement. And the visual is adorable. 

#5 - WEEDING -  Be merciless. I'm not kidding. I'm not even close to being soft on this. Think about the last 10 minutes you spent in the company of a person who had nothing to say but negative garbage? That's 10 minutes of your life that you can never get back - AND - they put a whole bunch of negative spin into your brain - it was 10 minutes of sucking poison that you now have to take the time to CLEAR OUT. It's like a neg-rock cast into your brain pond and now you have to neutralize that ripple effect. Learn to spot, avoid (where needed) and recuperate fast when it comes to negative people. There are various levels of this creature. Some can be dealt with and even learned from. 

     But more importantly, weed your own mind. I coined a term many years ago - "brain weeds". I used it when I discovered that I had a faulty belief, thought or opinion. After I pulled the brain weeds out, my life changed for the better because the law of attraction was responding to the changes I made inside myself. One thing I learned in my early age was that the only true form of control is self control. I deepened my understanding of that truth later as I mastered my own mind and feelings.  

#6 - BLOSSOM! - OK, new Whippersnapper! It's time to show your stuff. I remember back at college when I was paid double to assist back stage during dance performances. I braided hair, did on the spot costume repair, helped with makeup and in general, just be a cheer leader and gopher. It was super! I am first and foremost an artist (who just happens to have business acumen). I derive great pleasure in being a supportive factor in another person's shining moment. If you live in a city, you may not see many stars. But if you go out to the wilds where I have lived most of my life, you will see a tremendous number of stars. One of those stars is calling to you. JUST YOU. Listen to it and let it inspire your inner GENIUS. Any other person who made any kind of history did the same. 

     So you know what to do next, right? I believe that I have put it all forth in these first few articles. The back up is in joining the email list and keeping in touch. Comment below and share this article with your fellow Whippersnappers. I look forward to your success on your own terms!

     All The Best

     - Betsy Daggett (Creator, Businessperson, Whippersnapper!)

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