08 Oct

This is my 30 Day Action Plan for Crushing YOUR niche. Of course there is much more, 

but this is a powerful step-by-step outline for moving beyond the niche choosing phase. 

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Day 1 - Follow the steps in my "Start Up" article to determine your niche. Also you may wish to consult me directly for your personalized 30 day Action Plan - (use the appointment form here on the website).

Day 2 - Create your website (honestly this can take several days, but don't stress out about it. Help is here). If you are serious about your new business, you MUST have your own domain in order to follow through with FB marketing and email marketing. I sincerely suggest Site123. Here is my link:  - I have had several domain hosts and builders. You can start free and upgrade after you get the hang of the builder. Best of all, if you are totally new, or have been frustrated by other hosts and/or builders, you will LOVE the 24/7 expert (and very patient) chat help. Honestly, 24/7 expert chat help is the hallmark of excellent service these days. Don't settle for less. 

Day 3 - Sit back and think about what you have just committed yourself to. Are you crazy? I mean seriously, who do you think you are? What are your friends and family likely to say? ...............Great - now put those thoughts on hold and tune into your inner calling. Ahhhhhhh,  like being in a redwood forest....chill...believe...trust the Universe....and move forward!

Day 4 - OK, assuming your website has a decent skeletal whatever, now you need a means of creating an email list and (therefore) sending interesting emails to that list. I totally recommend Sendlane, but others favor Mailchimp, Constant Contact...etc. It's up to you. But still, I prefer Sendlane. I will probably write a few blogs about why in the coming months. My loyalty is NOT easily earned. I am not an easy customer. Just ask them - lol.  All the information you need to get started is right there in the help section, and of course, there is 24/7 friendly chat help.

Day 5 - Create an opt - in page. Look at the page on my website. It has all the elements needed. Your opt in needs to have a worthwhile free gift. Make it simple and to the point. Not only can I guide you on this, but I can put you in touch with experts to guide you for FREE! Opt-ins are also something that can be delegated for next to nothing.

Day 6 - Wait a minute...what free gift? That's right. (Don't sweat it.) Your free gift will be a sample of what you are best at. If it needs to be in written format, that can be delegated for a small price. Generally it is a written report, but it can take on other forms depending on what you do. You can ask for shipping and handling if this is a physical product. Then you will need to set this up to lead to an offer on your Thank You Page, after somebody subscribes. You can get great offers on Clickbank, JvZoo and many other product marketplaces. (If you already have your own product, service, or standing store, this "TYP" offer can compliment what you already sell, and you get paid a 50-80% commission!)

Day 7- Set up your FREE ClickBank account! Start with them, they are beginner friendly. This is for people who plan on offering another person's product for sale and receiving a commission. If you are a coach, if you already have your own product, or you are a brick and mortar biz, you can find people to sell your product here, or choose something to sell at a commission that compliments what you offer. In any event, getting your FREE ClickBank account is worthwhile. It will teach you so much about the current online marketplace. You may notice that in my emails to you, I offer a neat program called ClickBank University 2.0 - that is because they have earned my trust, and the trust of many others around the world. Here is the link: 


Day 8 - OK. Take a breather. If you have actually completed the last 7 steps in 7 days, GIVE YOURSELF A BIG HIGH FIVE! Because you have accomplished what SO many others do not! Well done!!!  OK, let's take stock of your progress. You chose your niche. How do you feel about that now? All good, or do we need some adjustment? One of my greatest mentors invented a process of PDCA - that stands for Plan, Do, Check Adjust. This works for EVERYTHING in life. We are at the "check" phase now. What needs adjusting? Take time out to do that now. This is step 8. Take your time. You might have certain things that cannot be sorted out in a day. That's ok. The 30 day plan is still working. Trust the process. How do you feel about your website? What needs to be adjusted there?

     And again with your free gift, Opt-in page, etc. Just look everything over. Maybe toss it out to a few trusted people for feedback. If they do not respond, that's ok. Toss it to me. Support@JvGeniusPortal.com - I will respond and put you in touch with excellent mentors. I was so excited about my progress that I created a mass FB message and it was not well received by most. They thought I was spamming them. One even thought I was sending them an MLM invite. LOL. That is the road of the entrepreneur. Not everyone is going to understand or appreciate what you are creating or why.

Day 9 - Moving forward now...You have your website, you have your Opt-in, you have your free gift, you have your TYP offer, now we are setting it all up to flow right. Whomever accepts your free gift will end up on your email list. So we need to have at least the first 10 emails loaded and then be prepared to keep up on DAILY emails after that. How does this settle with you? You can have other people write those emails but make sure they are true to your message. Inside your Sendlane account (or whatever service you have chosen) they will guide you on setting up your first series of emails. In the first 10 emails, 3 of them should have a link to a sales offer and the other 7 should be just content that provides value to your subscribers. Links to supporting articles are recommended. If you have joined my email list, you can follow my example. I subscribe to several lists JUST to get great examples to follow. 

Day 10-20  - Work on perfecting your first ten emails and everything else in your funnel. This is the time to binge read and binge watch the very best about email and internet marketing. My top suggestions are Dan Lok and Anik Singal. These are my current top mentors. Download Dan's book, FU Money and get into his mindset. Go to Lurn.com and get a FREE account loaded with tons of free courses about online business from a guy who is SO passionate, that he is absolutely changing the world with his vision. (Anik Singal). And in addition to this, I have a gem that nobody out there is telling you about. It's called L.I.F.E - Living Intentionally For Excellence. I was blessed to be a part of this biz for a few years and still in cahoots with the members. This is where the PDCA info came from. You can search Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward on YT, and I will be dropping more of their gems in my emails - so stay tuned. I am quite happy to share what I have learned from my collection of training CDs, DVDs and books. 

     Also be binge watching and reading your own mentors in whatever field you have chosen. This is the time to gather inspiration. Feel free to drop me a note about your favorites as we go - you can email me (support@JvGeniusPortal.com) - or comment on this post. All are welcome.

     And as a creative person - of course binge watching your fave creative stuff can be inspiring. I have my list of anime, music, and I also admire RoosterTeeth.com for their success and creative know how. They are an awesome success story to follow. We can all share our sources of inspiration. I look forward to this.

Day 21 - After the "business soul searching and adjustments" - Create your business FB page and just put it on hold. Do nothing with it yet. Make sure it is totally in line with your website. Be sure your cover photo is of the proper dimensions (820 x 360 pixels) so it shows up well. Definitely use your own face for a profile photo. Smile. Be approachable. We will come back to this later.

Day 22 - Go back to your website and create your blogs. By this time, hopefully, you have gathered enough inspiration to be able to say SOMETHING  to your audience. Again, if you need help, these posts can be written for you at an affordable price. Use the appointment form here on the website to get in touch.

Day 23- 27 - Finish your blogs. Make them excellent. Make them truly yours. Or make sure the people you delegated this to are speaking in your voice. Remember that BLOGS are a way to establish a rapport with your targeted audience. Do not scrimp on this part of your business. Your credibility is here. Your sales will arrive at the speed of TRUST. Never forget this fact. Never publish an article immediately after writing it. Wait a day, edit, wait another day, then do a final edit. 

Day 28 - OK, NOW go back to the FB page and post something in line with your blogs. Post at least once every other day. I know - people say post 10 a day. Don't do that unless you are posting quality. Quality over quantity - ASK your audience to LIKE and FOLLOW! - here is a tip - ask for their opinion. Get them to somehow ENGAGE. I have more in-depth stuff on this later (it's an art on it's own).  

Day 29  - WOW! What do we do now? Paaaarrrrrty!!! LOL. No but seriously, take stock of all you have accomplished. Niche, website, opt-in page, free gift, affiliate offer, 10+ amazing emails, new mentors, new mindset, FB page, killer blogs, (and don't sweat the blogs - we can work on that)...all is good! AND - if you TOOK my advice and bought/hosted your domain with  , then you will already have plenty of subscribers for Day 30. I have to say that I am so happy with SITE123 because I did not even know they were doing SEO for me and I have landed over a hundred subscribers by doing absolutely nothing. That's actually a great start. My list is growing every single day. 

Day 30 -If you have leads from SITE123, like I do, load them into your Sendlane account and then keep up on emails. Otherwise, we will need to move into discussing ways to drive traffic. Free and paid. But anyway, your first 30 days is outlined here in a realistic way. And, YES! if you follow these steps, you will absolutely CRUSH your market! Your guidance does not end here. Use the appointment form on this website to get in touch. Also you can leave a comment below this blog. Join the email list to get your FREE Jv Genius Portal Insider's Guide and access to DAILY classes sent right to your inbox. You can reply to any email with comments or questions. 

     This is my 30 Day Action Plan for Crushing YOUR niche. Of course there is much more, but if you follow this plan, you will be off to a great start. Be sure to subscribe to my email list and give feedback about how this article has helped your current project, or just comment below.

     Thank you! 

     - Betsy Daggett (Creator, Businessperson, Whippersnapper!)

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